The Taekidokai difference

TKMA prides itself in making training as cost effective as possible. We offer a lifetime (not yearly) one of joining fee, with discounts for families wishing to start their TKMA training. Simple pay as you go training fees with no lock in contracts or direct debits.

Simply choose from month to month which way you want to pay for your classes and train….. simple


Lifetime Joining Fee

The joining fee is due after your first class, this one-off membership fee is $70 for the first family member,
the second family members is $30. All other family members are free. Once enrolled in TKMA you will
have access to qualified instructors, professional curriculum, and a quarterly grading program.


Training Fee

You can pay your fees either monthly or weekly. The monthly training fee covers all classes during the calendar month. The weekly fee covers all classes during that week.

Monthly Training Fee:
Juniors $80 per calendar month
Seniors $85 per calendar month

Weekly Fee:
Junior $18 per week
Senior $20 per week

Family Training Fee:
Monthly $195 per calendar month
Weekly $50 per week



The Gi Cotton uniform for all students is $90 and the $25 crop top is an additional required uniform for
female students to be worn with the Gi.


Grading Fee

We have a quarterly grading program. Students ready for the next level of training are, with instructor
approval, able to enroll for testing. Grading fees ($60) are non-refundable and need to be paid at least one
week earlier than the grading date.


Fee Payment Details

– To be paid into ASB 12-3171-0220781-00
– No cash please
– Monthly fees must be paid on the 1st of the month in advance (Juniors $70/Seniors $85)
– Weekly fees must be paid on Monday in advance (Juniors $16/Seniors$20)
– No long term advance payments
– No refunds available
– No carryover of fees to future months available
– Voluntary direct debit is the preferred method of payment
– Students may train in any appropriate TKMA class in any location

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